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Come to visit our beautiful tropical garden on the riverbank of the Irrawaddy River. Discover the magical view
as you gaze upon the river.
Rent a traditional teak boat for a sightseeing, or romantic sunset trip.
Or you can come just to relax and refresh.

1-2 hours TRIPS                                                 2-3 hours TRIPS

- private Sunset trip                                                           - KYAUKGU UMIN "Stone Cave Pagoda" trip

- share Sunset trip                                                             - KYAUKGU UMIN "Stone Cave Pagoda" trip incl. sunset

- sightseeing trip                                                               - TANT KYI TAUNG "Bagan View Pagoda trip

- relax on the Sandbank Island                                         - TANT KYI TAUNG "Bagan View Pagoda trip incl. sunrise


- Sandbank Island cocktail, diner or party                        - pick up from Pakokku town

- transfer to Salay town                                                    - half day Pakokku town

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